I Moved Your Cheese: For those Who Refuse to Live as Mice in someone Else's Maze (Bk Business) [Kindle Edition] price

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"Every once in the while the sunday paper comes along that allows you to question the means by which things are. This may be the book. Deepak Malhotra allows that you glimpse a realm of your own personal making without the limits and barriers that others create. An excellent read."
--Stephen R. Covey, author of The 7 Habits of highly Effective People and The Leader in Me

"A magnificent story which has a powerful message. As somebody who has encouraged scores of professionals into breaking through the maze and defining their unique pursuits, I've found this to become a gem of your book. A must-read."
--Vinod Khosla, cofounder and former CEO and Chairman, Sun Microsystems, and founder, Khosla Ventures

"Deepak Malhotra tackles our assumptions about business and life with humor, zest, and wisdom on this delightful fable. If you have ever rankled with the thought of being just another mouse inside maze, this really is the ebook for you."
--Daniel H. Pink, author of Drive and a Whole New Mind

"An excellent book with sound lessons on how you can change our circumstance and make new realities inside our personal and professional lives."
--Deepak Chopra, Adjunct Professor, Kellogg School of Management, and coauthor of War with the Worldviews

"A book which will inspire the imagination of mice and managers. A formula for breaking out with the maze and creating new realities in life plus business."
--Barry Nalebuff, Milton Steinbach Professor, Yale School of Management; cofounder, Honest Tea; and coauthor of Thinking Strategically, The Art of Strategy, and Why Not?

With a lot more than twenty-five million copies in print, Who Moved My Cheese? is now a phenomenon. It does offer some reasonable advice about adapting to change. It’s certainly factual that some from the events shaping our way of life are beyond our control, and instead of struggling against them we must adapt and move on. However for all its good intentions, it ultimately advises us to unquestioningly accept our circumstances without exploring any possible alternatives—like mice in the maze mindlessly chasing after cheese.I Moved Your Cheese takes another point of view and provides an alternative approach. Harvard Business School professor and bestselling author Deepak Malhotra tells an inspiring story about a whole new generation of mice who begin to challenge assumptions and ask important questions. Rather than accepting their situation and dutifully chasing the cheese, Max, Zed, and Big begin looking deeper, examining and reassessing what they’ve been told are their limitations, and hang in industry to chart a new course.Innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity, problem solving, and business growth— at exactly the same time as personal growth—depend around the ability to challenge accepted notions, reshape the environment, and play with a different group of rules: our own. We have been not powerless to change our circumstances. We can control our destiny. By ana- lyzing our assumptions in regards to the limitations we seem to face, we can, like Max, Zed, and Big, discover how you can overcome them. However we must comprehend the ways we unknowingly hold ourselves back. As Zed explains to Max, “The problem is not that this mouse is in the maze but how the maze is inside mouse.”


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